Our Vision

Helping Timeshare Owner’s vision is to help those that have been adversely affected by timeshare ownership. To help consumers counter the deceitful sales tactics used in the timeshare industry that are used to lock in unsuspecting vacationers into lifetime commitment that depreciates in some cases up to 100% after the initial purchase, leaving them stuck in ever increasing annual maintenance fees and outrageous special assessments.

About Our Organization

Helping Timeshare Owners is the largest timeshare consumer advocacy group in the world. Our organization continues to expand, now with affiliates in Canada and Mexico and in 2015 we saw record growth, tripling our staff and expanding new offices to Nashville, Dallas, Nevada, and South Carolina . Between corporate offices and affiliates, Helping Timeshare Owners has 17 locations.

Bill Howell Co-Founder & Partner

In 2009 I was introduced to timeshare advocacy, since then I founded Orlando Ventures Inc. (DBA Helping Timeshare Owners), the national leader in timeshare mortgage cancellation services.

I’m not opposed to timeshare ownership, just the way it is sold. When the timeshare resorts or sales person violates your consumer rights or lies to you to get you to purchase a timeshare or upgrade your current ownership, you have been done an injustice, and that’s why I founded Helping Timeshare Owners to help you navigate these situations.


  • Happily Married & Proud Father Of Two Daughters
  • Owned And Operated 11 Companies Since 1998

Current Owner & Partner Of:

  • Helping Timeshare Owners, LLC
  • Orlando Ventures, LLC
  • William Howell Consulting
  • All American Auto Body, Inc.
  • Billy Z Restoration, LLC

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What People Say About Us

As a person determined to obtain a cancellation of my timeshare, I spent a number of years and no small amount of money searching for the right people to help in that objective. I met one expensive dead-end after another until finally I found Help 4 Timeshare Owners who personal assistant, Diana Jones, has been relentless in pursuing my Timeshare Company on my behalf to a successful conclusion. I heartily recommend Diana and Help 4 Timeshare Owner’s to any who are equally determined to escape the negative consequences of Timeshare ownership.

Lee Hall, Kellogg, Iowa

Helping Timeshare Owners Client
Diane Jones has been my case manager almost from the beginning. She was very understanding and able to keep me motivated with the activities she carried out. A year later I have Wyndham off my back and am waiting for one big charge on an account they (Wyndham) incurred with my credit card.

Ann Ryan

Helping Timeshare Owners Client
To Whom it may Concern. We started working with Helping Timeshare Owners in April of 2012. Diana Jones is our case manager, has been there for us step by step, solving our Wyndam timeshare. She has always been available when I had a question, very helpful, kind and professional. I would recommend her to anyone.

Frank & Vonda

Helping Timeshare Owners Client
It's been quite a process and we're not completely out of the woods yet, but it looks like Help4TSO has rid ourselves of the costly time share that we had. I was afraid of throwing good money after bad when I first heard of Help4TSO but Diana J has always been very attentive and helpful to our case. I would recommend them anytime.

Brett H

Helping Timeshare Owners Client