Timeshare Scams

Are timeshare scams real? If a timeshare contract was sold to you using illegal and manipulative sales tactics, it is very likely that it is a trap. Each year a large number of individuals all over the world are getting tricked by timeshare scams. These campaigns attract people by promises of free hotel stays, pre-loaded debit cards, dinners, and many other appealing freebies tempting them to sign up for the timeshare contract.

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) timeshare scams are working to get a cut out of your hard earned money. These timeshare campaigns try to attract you to timeshare products by showing you exotic resorts and wonderful deals and at first you may not realize what you are getting into, but once you sign the contract you may regret it. This is because there are high chances that this campaign may very well one of the dreaded timeshare scams.

Timeshare scams are basically an investment scam that may claim that you can quite easily become a partial owner of a vacation resort worth millions by simply buying a timeshare. These timeshare schemes are cleverly designed such that once you sign up for them it can be very difficult to get out without professional help.If you are a victim of any such timeshare campaign and if you were tricked into buying a timeshare product you didn’t really want you should consider your options for getting out of this trap. The sales rep of your timeshare product may have told you that you cannot cancel your timeshare contract but this is not true as there are several consumer protection laws that can help you get out of your contract.

Helping Timeshare Owners is a consumer advocacy agency that is A+ Rated at the BBB and specializes in timeshare cancellation services. We are devoted to help the victims of timeshare scams and help them get out their timeshare contract. If you were presented with any sort of misleading information or are a victim of any manipulative sales tactics, the law may very well be on your side and you should consider your options. Fill out the free consultation form below to get further details.

Timeshare Scams

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