Timeshare Cancellation Policy

Timeshare Cancellation Policy

Helping Timeshare Owners is a timeshare consumer advocacy group that can help you with the timeshare cancellation policy of your resort. Beware of talking directly to your resort about their timeshare cancellation policy, they typically record their calls and can use anything you say against your future attempts to cancel your timeshare. Remember they do not have your best interest in hand, their goal it to keep your revenue coming in, not to show you how to cancel.

Nearly every timeshare company has worked skilled associates that cancellation calls are redirected to; they are trained to lead you into saying something that they can use to thwart your cancellation attempt, so think twice before calling them about it until you have been coached by a timeshare advocacy associate. The truth is only real timeshare cancellation policy that benefit owners are through consumer protection laws, which is something that Helping Timeshare Owners are experts in.

Timeshare contracts are loaded with clauses that are designed to protect the resort, not their customers. Most contracts are completely one-sided documents that are tightly worded by an army of attorneys that fill them up with legal language designed to keep you paying. If their contracts had an easy way for consumers to cancel, they would have been out of business a long time ago, no one wants to pay outrageous fees for something that typically has a resale value of 0-10% of its cost.

Help With Timeshare Cancellation Policy

The only real timeshare cancellation policy that the resort has to your benefit is the legally mandated 3-day rescission period, but because most people are on vacation when they purchase a timeshare, it’s terribly difficult to cancel within the 3-day period. Usually after wasting a day of the family vacation on the timeshare tour and purchase, the last thing people want to do is waste another vacation day to cancel within the required period and you can believe timeshare resorts count on this fact to stay in business.

Our timeshare advocates can review your timeshare contract free of charge and let you know what options you have available to you. Call or fill out the form below to setup a time to talk to one of our representatives.

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