Florida Timeshare Law

Florida Timeshare Law

This post is the first article of a series that will take a closer look at how timeshare resorts go about getting timeshare sales and pointing out things that may be illegal. Florida timeshare law can be a complex subject, but you do not have to be a legal expert to understand the basics laws that were designed to protect consumers from resorts doing unethical things to get your sale.

So the first thing we want to look at is how resorts go about getting prospects and turning them into sales in Florida. The most common approach is to setup kiosks along the most popular tourist strips, these can be found all through out Orlando, especially on International Drive and in Kissimmee along highway 192. And through out the state they work with hotels and attractions to place kiosks and information racks.

Now that they have their kiosks setup, they start to gather in prospects by offering free gifts. These gifts can include free or discounted theme park tickets, free hotel stays, free dinners and lunches and sometimes they outright bribe people to come with pre-loaded Visa, Master Card or American Express gift cards. These gifts usually comes with the promise that the timeshare tour will only take 90 minutes of their time, and then they will be able to “redeem” their free gifts.

However, after years of helping timeshare owners cancel their contracts, we have learned of horror story after horror story from clients that say their tours lasted up to 6 hours and each time they attempted to end the tour and redeem their gifts, the timeshare salesmen would use stall tactics preventing them form leaving. These tactics are used to try making prospects wary and intimidated enough that they give in and make a purchase. Making a promise of a gift for a certain amount of your time and then not honoring is not only unethical, but against Florida timeshare law and can be grounds for termination of your contract.

In part 2 we take a look at Florida’s interest in protecting tourist and a common formula used by timeshares to get sales.

A Quick Note About Who We Are

Helping Timeshare Owners is a consumer advocacy group dedicated in assisting timeshare owners that were sold their timeshare through deceptive sales tactics. If you feel that you were also a victim, we may be able to help you. The first step in finding out if we can, is to fill out our free consultation form and locating your contract so we can review it.

Florida Timeshare Law

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