Dr. Paddy Deighan, Attorney

Our attorney, Padraic “Paddy” Deighan has been an attorney since 1986 and he has been witness to many different real estate markets and cycles. Dr. Deighan is also real estate investor, published author and professional speaker on several scientific and legal issues. His insight into real estate is outstanding. There are creative solutions to most real estate issues and virtually all home owners have options. His solutions begin with the goals of the client and they end with a workable solution to any situation.

Dr. Deighan has worked as a legal consultant to three of the largest lenders. Accordingly, he has the insider insight to the current problems and he is able to anticipate future trends and issues.

Dr. Deighan Career Highlights

  • Dr. Deighan is a senior legal advisor in real estate to three of the nation’s largest banks. His insight and knowledge in the legal aspects of real estate is unsurpassed.
  • Dr. Deighan is a legal advisor to the Attorney Generals in several states on matters of real estate law. His insight knowledge, experience and contacts enable his clients to be in position to maximize their results.
  • Dr. Deighan was also the Managing Partner of a network of short sale real estate attorneys representing 41 states. Dr. Deighan has represented clients in many states and has successfully prosecuted “Quiet Title” Actions in six states (including Florida). He has successfully defended foreclosures in 11 states.
  • Dr. Deighan achieves superior results as a result of his innate ability to analyze a situation and utilize leverage to achieve desired results for his clients. Each situation is different and Dr. Deighan adopts a strategy to achieve the desired results for his clients. He begins with the desired result of the client and then develops a strategy best suited to achieving that result.

Dr. Paddy Deighan, Attorney


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